The Bikini Block is sister owned by Ashley, Gabi, and Amanda Butler. Our online bikini store celebrates all women in their divine feminine. Our bikinis are hand made with love in Brazil to flatter the wearer and provide functional support and comfort. As female small business owners, we choose to support and work exclusively with a mother and daughter team in Brazil. We ship in 100% recycled plastic and fulfill all orders ourselves so each package goes out with intention and a touch of love. Our bikinis are known to be the best bikinis for their quality in cut and fabric. At The Bikini Block we donate a portion of our proceeds to our nonprofit organization Bikini Beach Clean-Up. At Bikini Beach Clean Up our intentions are to provide clean and healthy beaches for our children and families, to create a safe environment for wildlife and marine life and to leave our differences at the door so we may gather as a community to work together to raise awareness on the importance of leaving a smaller footprint.

To learn more about our beach clean up efforts, follow our Instagram: @thebikiniblock @bikinibeachcleanup


It is not another bikini company that randomly pops up on your instagram feed. 

Is it another brand that mass produces low quality swimsuits? Nope. 

Is it another business taking size 0 models and posting highly edited pictures of them? No way! 

The Bikini Block defies each of these characteristics from the moment a piece is ordered to every step in between until it's shipped. From the second an order is completed, a special process begins to ensure a quality product and an overall immaculate experience. It's hand-packaged by the Bikini Block team, ensuring that, not only are you receiving the correct items, but that each order is crafted together with love and intention before it leaves our workspace. The best part? With each completed order, a percentage of the proceeds go to an amazing nonprofit organization, the Bikini Beach Clean Up. 


Highly Driven, determined, and resilient - Ashley says her inspiration for creating Bikini Block was not only her love for bikinis, but a deep desire to build and empire with her sisters.


A philanthropist at heart, Ashley believed it was important that when it came to the company, everything must be done with sustainability in mind and with a way to give back to the community ( Hello, Bikini Beach cleanup! )

Favorite bikini? The Daisy 



There's no shortage of ambition in this family! Gabi not only works for the Bikini Block, but she also balances attending college, cheering competitively for Navarro, winning world titles, and even starring on the Netflix series "Cheer" 

She says working with her sisters has been amazing because they always have her best interest at heart and can all trust each other. 

Favorite bikini? The Gabriella, of course! 



Mailing out orders, designing new bikinis, planning our future pop up events, and marketing their line on social media. Amanda works hard every day to ensure business operations run smoothly and efficiently.


She takes pride in every single bikini they sell. For her, its's not about volume, it's about the experience, She wants every one of their customers to feel beautiful in their Bikini Block Bikinis and fro the fit to be perfect.

Favorite bikini? The Alli in Brown