The Bikini Blog #3: Sister Spotlight with CMO Gabi

Hello again beautiful Bikini Babes! Last week, we had the pleasure of learning more about Ashley, the amazing CEO of The Bikini Block. On this weeks “Sister Spotlight,” I got to interview her younger sister Gabi, the CMO for the company. Gabi not only works for the Bikini Block, but she also balances attending college, cheering competitively for Navarro, and even managing her own brand, Moxie! Now, let’s get the inside scoop on how she not only balances all of these tasks, but how she also manages to be a serious Girl Boss!
Starting Off Simple:
What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day?
A hot bath and my favorite Spotify playlist.
What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I am the type of person that really likes my alone time. Sometimes at a party I will sneak off just to be by myself for a bit.
What’s a trip that changed you, and why?
My trip to Mexico really made me realize how good we have it here in the US.
What’s something you’ve done, but will never do again?
Date a guy that doesn't know how to make me feel special.
What trend do you hope makes a comeback?
Good Disney movies, because all the new ones suck.
All the Deets:
What is one thing that has helped you balance your work, school, and cheer schedule?
Taking time out to pray and read my Bible always helps me feel connected to God and at peace.
What is your favorite Bikini you’ve released so far? 
The Gabriella bikini 
What do you love the most about working with your sisters?
They always have my best interests at heart and I never have to worry about someone trying to do something bad to me behind my back.
What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
That I am stuck up or conceded.
What is a work related accomplishment you’re really proud of?
I have won world titles and collegiate national titles.                               
To tie it all up:
What advice would you give you teenage self?
Don't take life too seriously and enjoy being young. Life is full of great experiences if you are open to push yourself and try new things.
Thank you, Gabi, for letting us take a closer look into your life as a Bikini Babe! Next week, Amanda will join me to discuss what it’s like working as the COO of the Bikini Block, and how she is so successful! See you next time, babes!
- With Gratitude
Bikini Babe Ash

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