The Bikini Blog #2: Sister Spotlight with CEO Ashley

Welcome Back Bikini Babes! This week (and the next few weeks), we are going to be having a special “Sister Spotlight” on the blog, featuring none other than Ashley, Gabi, and Amanda. These three hard working ladies have each cultivated the brand into what it is today.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing CEO and founder, Ashley. She gave me the deets on what inspired her to create The Bikini Block, to her favorite styles, and everything in between!

Let’s Start with Some Fun Icebreakers:

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Sunrise chaser forever! 
What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?
Cleaning, tanning, working and if I’m lucky relaxing. Kind of boring. 
What was your worst job ever, and what did you learn from it?
Bartending at a strip club. I learned that I’m not the best with dealing with people with disingenuous intentions. I learned that most people are only out for themselves and money cannot buy happiness. 
What is something- big or small- that you’re really good at?
Dancing, listening and being a good friend. 
What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day?
A run followed by a bath and a cup of tea. 
Getting. Into. It.
What inspired you to create The Bikini Block?
My family, my love for bikinis and a deep desire to build an empire with my sisters. 
What is one special memory you’ve made while creating and working for The Bikini Block?
There are just so many but my favorite memories are when Amanda and I are really getting along and being productive and I see her getting excited and creative. There was a photo shoot she cultivated for Halloween and to see her shine and get creative is really fulfilling. I do this for her more than anybody. 
What is your favorite Bikini you’ve released so far?
I’m a big fan of The Daisy. Chic, cute and classic. 
Have you ever faced a difficult moment working with your sisters?
Omg. It’s so hard being a leader but also wanting to be kind and have your sisters like you. I gave challenges everyday as a leader, owner and sibling. 
What is a day in life like working as the CEO of The Bikini Block?
Since we’re so local and hands on most of the day is based around fulfilling orders. Sometimes I get lucky and have friends come over to hang and shop. Thinking of new ideas for future bikinis and working on marketing strategies to increase sales. 
Time to Wrap it Up:
To what do you attribute your success?
The love and support of my family and friends. 100%.
Anyone you want to thank for supporting you?
Yes! Thank you mom, dad, Gabi and especially my sister Amanda who is a very hands on partner who really gets $hit done when she applies herself. Thank you Naya for being a day one rider who I literally never have to ask for support she just gives and promotes and supports everyday for no other reason other than she loves me. My ex bf Mike who wasn’t the best bf but he did help out a lot when I was starting and I’ll never forget anything he’s ever done for me. Thank you to all my friends and supporters truly! The block wouldn’t be so hot without all of you! 
Any advice for all the Bikini Babes out there about how to be successful?
Yes. Be organized, plan ahead, write stuff done, ask for help and don’t get caught up in the end result and celebrate your progress! Everything worth having takes time so give yourself time and always do your best. If you do your best you’ll live with no regrets! :) 


Thank you, Ashley, for giving giving us a look into your life and sharing what makes this company so special. You are truly a light in the world, and an irreplaceable, badass friend.

Next week, we will be chatting with Gabi about her love for the Bikini Block and discovering some fun facts! Until then, Bikini Babes!!

- With Gratitude,

Bikini Babe Ash

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