The Bikini Blog #1: Who We Are.

Welcome to the blog, Block Babes. My name is Ashley, and I am going to be telling you a bit more about The Bikini Block.

Before we ~get into it~, let me tell you what The Bikini Block is not. It is not another bikini company that randomly pops up on your Instagram feed. Is it another brand that mass produces low quality swimsuits? Wrong. Is it another business taking size 0 models and posting highly edited pictures of them? Wrong again! The Bikini Block defies each of these characteristics from the moment a piece is ordered to every step in between until it’s shipped.

At the Bikini Block, our mission is to create quality bikinis in a sustainable way, celebrate all women, and give back to the community through our business. We work exclusively with a mother and daughter team who are diligently working in Brazil. Each Bikini is crafted with the highest quality materials and care, and on top of that, everything is shipped in 100% recycled plastic.

From the second an order is completed; a special process begins to ensure a quality product and an overall immaculate experience. Before the product makes its way to your front door, it’s hand-packaged by the Bikini Block team. This ensures that, not only are you receiving the correct items, but that each order is crafted together with love and intention before it leaves our workspace. The best part? With each completed order, a percentage of the proceeds go to an amazing nonprofit organization, the Bikini Beach Clean Up.  

What makes us unique from the rest? The Bikini Block is a sister owned company with a strong passion for sustainability, inclusion, and celebrating all women. We are a company that gives back to the community through nonprofit organizations and supports small businesses. We set intentions for each order made, and carefully package and ship with love & appreciation.

Throughout these next few weeks, we are going to be getting the inside scoop from each of our founding sisters, Ashley, Gabi, and Amanda about what it is like to be to be total Boss Babe. We will discuss how they are involved with the company, what inspires them the most about this brand, and what they are the most excited for in the future. We will also be discussing the Bikini Beach Clean Up, some fun styling tips for your new Bikini Block suit, and much more coming soon! 

- With Gratitude,

Bikini Babe Ash 

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